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Emerging Technology for Physically Challenged People LS201

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All I can say is that, Technology can make our lives easier and better now a days. Without technology our lives would be meaningless. Technology is part of our everyday lives,

For example:
When we are watching television we just sit, hold the remote control and press the channel we want to watch.
When we are using our laptop, we use a wireless device that can get a signal to the wireless router.
When we are using our cellular phone, we just type the message and sent it to the person and after a second the person would receive your text.

The positive effect of technology to us students is that we can do our assignment easier and faster. We can also chat to our classmates and friends at any time of the day. We can learn new ideas.

The negative effect of technology to us students is that we use computer as enjoyment like playing games and not concentrating on our studies. When we sat in front of the computer we are so hard to stand up...

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